Criterion RD 1000

The Forest Electronic Dendrometer

The First Electronic Basal Area Factor Scope and Dendrometer for Forestry Applications

Criterion RD 1000 Electronic Dendrometer

This revolutionary measurement device features an integrated tilt sensor which allows collection of diameter data at any point up the stem and also determines the height at which a specific diameter is reached. The Basal Area Factor (BAF) routine indicates “In” and “Out” trees for a full range of sampling factors. In addition, the status of borderline trees can be determined by entering a distance from a rangefinder (not included) into the Criterion RD 1000 through the input serial port or manually via the keypad.


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Forestry Engineered

The Criterion RD 1000 is the first electronic Basal Area Factor (BAF) scope and dendrometer engineered specifically for forestry applications. With unparalleled precision, low cost and ease of use, this is a must-have tool for foresters.

Packed with New Features

LED Display

In-scope LED display with variable brightness - making it easy to read under all lighting conditions.

Various Operating Modes

Operating modes: BAF, In/Out, Diameter and Height/Diameter

  • BAF: Visually estimates if trees fall in or out of a given plot as related to the specified Basal Area Factor.
  • In/Out: Internally computes the limiting distance for questionable, borderline trees and determines if they are in or out of the plot.
  • Diameter: Determines the diameter of a tree at any given height.
  • Height/Diameter: Provides the ability to determine the height at which a specific diameter occurs.
  • Raw Inclination: Measures inclination in percent slope.

Timber Cruising Applications

Laser Technology has created some products that were specifically designed for timber cruising applications such as stem mapping, measuring tree heights and diameters, determining if “borderline” trees are in or out of a plot, verifying buffer zone layouts, and even researching an area for growth and yield.

Built for Maximum Performance

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Technical Specifications

General Specifications

  • Weight: 500 g (1.1 lbs.)
  • Size: 7 x 5 x 16.5 cm (2.75 x 2 x 6.5 in.)
  • Data Communication: Serial RS232 Input/Output
  • Power: 3.0 volts DC nominal; (2) AA batteries or (1) CRV3 battery
  • Environmental: Water and dust resistant; NEMA 3, IP 54
  • Temperature: -30°C to +60ºC (-22°F to +140°F)
  • Optics: Normal, 1X; Magnified, 2.5X nominal
  • Displays: External LCD and Internal LED
  • Units: Imperial and Metric
  • Mount: Monopod/tripod (1/4" - 20 female thread)

Measurement Range

  • Diameter: 5 cm to 254 cm (2" to 100")
  • Basal Area Factor: 0.2 to 29.1 m²/hectare (1 to 127 ft²/acre)
  • Inclination: +/- 90 degrees
  • Accuracy: ±0.25" to 80'
  • Inclination: ±0.1° typical
  • Diameter: +/- 6 mm out to 24 m (1/4" in out to 80 ft)