Scanning Redefined

The Most Portable 3D Scanner

The FARO® Laser Scanner Focus3D is a high-speed three-dimensional laser scanner for detailed measurement and documentation. The Focus3D uses laser technology to produce exceedingly detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometries in only a few minutes. The resulting images are an assembly of millions of 3D measurement points.

Improved Efficiency

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Achieve Maximum Scanning Efficiency

The Focus3D offers the most efficient method for three-dimensional documentation of building construction, excavation volumes, façade and structural deformations, crime scenes, accident details, product geometry, factories, process plants and more. Given its minimal size and weight as well as touch interface, the Focus3D is easy to work with and saves up to 50% of scan time compared to conventional scanners.

State-of-the-Art Features

Intuitive touchscreen display

Control all scanner functions with a touch interface for unparalleled ease of use and control.

Integrated color camera

Photorealistic 3D color scans due to an integrated color camera featuring an automatic 70 megapixels parallax-free color overlay.

High-performance battery

Integrated lithium-ion battery provides up to five hours of battery life and can be charged during operation.

Dual Axis Compensator

To minimize the number of targets needed, the dual axis compensator enables every scan to have integrated level information.

Height Sensor (Altimeter)

Each scan now includes height information which can be used to scan different floor levels in a building. The data can then be used to differentiate between the floors.

Compatible with FARO Laser Scanner Scene Software

SCENE 3D laser scanner software is specifically designed for all FARO Focus Laser Scanners. SCENE processes and manages scanned data efficiently and easily by using automatic object recognition and scan registration and positioning. SCENE can also colourise scans. This point-cloud software for scanners is extremely user-friendly and generates high-quality data in next to no time.

Multiple Field Applications


FARO® offers a seamless solution and workflow for capturing existing as-builts efficiently and accurately in order to process data directly into deliverable CAD plans and BIM models using design software such as Autodesk® AutoCAD® and Revit®.


FARO® offers solutions and workflows for 3D documentation of ancient buildings, monuments, statues and excavations. These tools help historians and archaeologists to efficiently capture, manage and analyze historical as-built data.


The promise of field-accurate site conditions inside a 3D building information model is becoming a reality on construction sites and in early design discussions, thanks to better software import capabilities and newer, less-expensive field-scanning technologies.

Create 3D Point Clouds

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Built for Maximum Performance

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Technical Specifications

Ranging Unit

  • Unambiguity interval: 153.49m (503.58ft)
  • Range Focus3D 120: 0.6m - 120m indoor or outdoor with low ambient light and normal incidence to a 90% reflective surface
  • Range Focus3D 20: 0.6m - 20m at normal incidence on >10% matte reflective surface
  • Measurement speed: 122,000 / 244,000 / 488,000 / 976,000 points/sec
  • Ranging error² : ±2mm

Color Unit

  • Resolution: Up to 70 megapixel color
  • Dynamic color feature: Automatic adaption of brightness

Deflection unit

  • Vertical field of view (vertical/horizontal): 305° / 360°
  • Step size (vertical/horizontal): 0.009° (40,960 3D pixels on 360°) / 0.009° (40,960 3D pixels on 360°)
  • Max. vertical scan speed: 5,820rpm or 97Hz

Laser (Optical transmitter)

  • Laser power (cw Ø): 20mW (Laser class 3R)
  • Wavelength: 905nm
  • Beam divergence: Typical 0.19mrad (0.011°)
  • Beam diameter at exit: 3.0mm, circular


  • Dual axis compensator: Levels each scan with an accuracy of 0.015° and a range of ±5°
  • Height sensor: Detects the height relative to a fixed point via an electronic barometer and adds it to the scan
  • Compass: Electronic compass gives the scan an orientation. A calibration feature is included.

Data handling and control

  • Data storage: SD, SDHC™, SDXC™; 32GB card included
  • Scanner control: Via touch-screen display
  • New WiFi (WLAN) access: Remote control, Scan Visualization and download are possible on mobile devices with Flash®

Hardware Specifications

  • Power supply voltage: 19V (external supply), 14.4V (internal battery)
  • Power consumption: 40W and 80W respectively (while battery charges)
  • Battery life: Up to 5 hours
  • Ambient temperature: 5° - 40°C
  • Humidity: Non-condensing
  • Cable connector: Located in scanner mount
  • Weight: 5.0kg
  • Size: 240x200x100mm³
  • Maintenance calibration: Annual
  • Parallax-free: Yes